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  1. Peachy Lychee

    Ingredients: Peach, Lychee, Rosehips, Papaya, Pineapple,  Hibiscus, Natural Flavor.

    Flesh that is soft and velvety smooth. That first bite of juicy sweetness that you have to rush to catch before it trails down the side of your mouth. The color that changes from an orange to a red that almost reminds you of a tropical sunset. The scent of the flesh entices you to delights yet undiscovered. That is a Peach. Contrast that with the prickly exterior of the Lychee with it's distinctive red that doesn't give hints to the cool white interior. But when paired together the sweetness of the Peach and the Lychee seem made for each other and you in Peachy Lychee.


  2. Lychee Treat

    Ingredients: Green Tea, Lychee

    Sweet and nutricioius, Lychee can cool you off when the summer heat gets unbearable.


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2 Item(s)