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How Is It Made?

Grown in exotic locations such as Thailand, India, Israel and Turkey, our fruit, herbal and green tea infusions are naturally grown in organic fields that are non-GMO and without pesticides. Special care has been taken to use horticultural methodology that is healthy for the soil and produces only the finest crops. Natural fertilizer is used to keep the soil nutrient rich and the crops are rotated so the soil has a chance to regenerate itself. Shallow plowing is used so that the bacteria and yeast vital to plant growth are not pushed deep into the soil where the plants can’t reach them. The result is the plants grow strong and healthy and have no need for fertilizers or pesticides because they have the innate ability to repel pests. Our fruits and herbs are harvested only by hand and dried quickly. Our growers have found that in drying the plants fast, not only are they not harmed but also the vital health benefits of the fruits and herbs are preserved. And since the geography of the countries we source our infusions from tends to have an abundance of wind and sun, drying periods are also shortened.