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What Can I Do With It?

For most people, it’s obvious that fruit infusions are something you brew to make a hot or iced beverage. Of course, they add wonderful flavor and health benefits to your favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner drink but the real beauty of infusions is that you can eat them too. Fruit infusions are completely edible. That means once you finish your delicious fruit infused-beverage you can actually eat the fruit. In fact, it makes a great snack for an early morning pickup or to add to you lunch or as a healthy alternative to boost your metabolism and energy levels in the mid-afternoon. Many of them are great to aid in digestion after a meal or in the evening to help you sleep. And they are good for the whole family. They are great before or after a workout. Plus, you can give them to your kids as a snack and feel guilt-free about doing it. You can even add them to your baking or food prep; add some zip to your yogurt, cereal or oatmeal or use your imagination and come up with a new recipe (we’d love to hear them).