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The new way to health.enjoy.live.

We started the company in a suburb of Austin, Texas, an area known for health conscious individuals and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Having an appreciation for exotic teas and herbs from all over the world ā€“ and having traveled extensively in Europe where teas are as much a part of daily life as coffee is in America ā€“ I discovered the hidden secrets of fruit and herbal infusions.

Our Story

In European countries they import dried fruit and herbs from Asia, the Middle and Far East and use them to enhance their teas. For centuries people on the Asian continent in countries like China and India have known about the healing and health properties contained in these herbs and fruit infusions along with green tea. I realized that by blending certain infusions that have super-fruit characteristics, I could take elements that were hidden in the bazaars and markets of Asia and bring them to the U.S. But beyond the obvious health benefits, I discovered the creative potential of these infusions. By experimenting in my kitchen, I uncovered all kinds of interesting recipes and ways to add more zing to everyday snacks and meals through infusions.

Starting this company is the perfect blending of my two great passions, cooking and traveling. My mission is to share my discovery and all of its wonders and benefits with my fellow Americans. Because life can be stressful and confusing, Iā€™d like to make life infusing.